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You want an affordable, well thought out, and great looking website design in Mobile, AL as fast and stress-free as possible, and we want to give you one!

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Attraxios can help you create an awesome Mobile, AL website design you will love!

However, we believe your website should be your home base for your digital marketing presence. At Attraxios, we have over 12 years of expertise in digital and internet marketing helping businesses design & develop websites that improve the ease of use by their customers as well as help them get more leads. We want to make sure you are Attracting, building great relationships and keeping customers.

Why Choose Attraxios as your

Web Design Agency in Mobile, AL

We have certain beliefs when it comes to website design. And, we want to make sure every web design in mobile, AL we create abides by them. We also want to make sure you get your mobile, al website design in your hands as fast as possible. The faster you get your new website up and running the faster you can generate new sales and leads. So, we keep the website design process simple and all-encompassing. So, what’s included?

  • Every website we build is built on WordPress. We also prefer to use wordpress themes for the design side. What this does is keep the overall cost down for your website by speeding up the process for graphic design and build-out. By doing it this way you will not have to wait as long to get a new website design launched for your business. We also have recommendations on security programs to help keep your website safer from hackers. So, you get a great looking website much faster.
  • Every website design we build has basic on-page SEO included in the pricing. We write custom title & meta tags for your website, as well as meta descriptions. We will research the correct words and phrases to help your website get off to the best start. We will also make sure any content you provide or we write has the necessary phrases in it as well. Learn more about our Mobile AL SEO services!
  • Every Website has google analytics installed. We will make sure you have google analytics installed on your new website design. It is crucially important that you know what is happening on your website. We can teach you how to read them as well. We do not let a website leave our doors without it.
  • Other recommendations: We recommend that you also install the google facebook pixel & set up some way for website visitors to give you their email addresses. So, we recommend setting up a constant contact or mail chimp account to send email messages to your customers.

What are the components included in every great website design?

  • Well thought out Site Map creation ( website navigation lists)
  • Content- written & photos
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

Mobile, AL Web Design Services

Here is the web design process we generally follow.

Part 1- Website Structure
  • Site Navigation Development: The web design process starting point depends on whether you currently have a website of not. If you have a website then we first want to review your website analytics to see how your customers are using your website. We will review your current site navigation, current content, and your analytics to see where website users are entering & leaving your website. If you do not have website then we hop to phase 2 of this web site design step which is reviewing your competitor’s websites. We will look to see what they are doing from an overall structure perspective. After we have done those things we should be able to create a very well thought out site map for your new website. So, now that we know all the main page names you will need, we can move on to the next step.
  • SEO– Now, we do SEO research to see what are the best words and phrases to use on your website. Once we have some selected we add those to the title tags, meta tags, content, and any other relevant place on your website. READ MORE about our take on SEO here.
Part 2- Content Collection or Creation
  • Content-Once the site map is created and the SEO research is done then we can begin the compilation of content for your new website design. This will be a group effort. We will ask that you provide as much of the site content as possible. We can take the content of your website and refine it to an extent.
  • Photos: Having good images to use on your website is important. So, if you have access to a photographer then please get headshots, product photos, or other business photos taken. Photos do two things: 1) adds a nice appeal to the website, & 2) the images can be optimized for SEO reasons to help you show up in search better.
Part 3- Build
  • Website Build Out– During this phase of the process, we take all the components of your website and begin to bring it to life. This is the longest part of the process normally. But, It can also be the most fun!
Part 4- Tracking
  • Google Analytics Installation– this is crucial to have on your website. Knowing how your website is being used and where your traffic is coming from is extremely important. We install your existing code or a new one if you do not have it just prior to launch.
  • Facebook Pixel Installation– This is the next tracking code we recommend. The Facebook pixel will allow you to do lots of really cool things with any ads you chose to run down the road on Facebook. Here are some of the uses of the Facebook pixel.
  • Constant Contact / Mail Chimp- Creating and adding an email sign up form to your website is important. You want to have a way for your prospects to give you a little information.
Part 5 – Go Live
  • LAUNCH Your NEW WEB DESIGN– Shout to the heavens, toot the horns, throw the confetti, IT’S GO TIME! Everyone’s favorite part of the process. We estimate that from the time we start the build-out process to the end it currently doesn’t take more than about 2 weeks. ( revisions or changes may add more time this though)

Affordable Website Design in Mobile, AL

How much do we charge for website design in Mobile, AL?

Our websites are project priced. This means we look at every project on a case by case basis. So, we create pricing based on the overall size of the website, number of pages, how much content you have or need to be created, and any other complexity or function. Most websites we build start at $2000.

Let us know if you would like more information or pricing on our Mobile, AL web design service!

Attraxios is a Digital Marketing & Website Design Company near Pensacola, FL in Gulf Breeze, FL. But, We can easily help you with your new web design in Mobile, AL or any surrounding area. Other Digital Marketing Services we offer includes Social Media Marketing Planning & Consulting, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing Strategy Consulting, and Digital Brand Creation. Call us today for any of your internet marketing needs!