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The BIGGEST “Secret” To Creating Loved Content

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Going Viral, Likes, Loves, Shares.

So, you are trying to get your content shared and liked? What if I told you there was a super simple secret to it.

Think about this next time you create your content for your website or blog..

And actually, this general concept came to me years ago after thinking about something a leadership coach & friend, Bruce Bright, taught me.

Are you ready?

This is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

Ok, here we go! 🚀





Yep, I said care. Show you care in the content you write.

Bruce said, “ There isn’t anything people won’t do for you if they know you love them.”

Bruce Bright, OnTarget Leading

Write your content like you are trying to help a loved one or a close friend. Like, this piece of content is going to help them turn everything around!

So, don’t create content for content’s sake. People can tell if you are rushing out stuff just to push stuff out.

How Do You Show Them You Cared About Creating Your Content..For Them...

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So, how do you show you care through your content exactly? I know that’s the question you are asking. It all sounds fluffy, huggy, and squishy. So, here are some things to think about if you want to create caring content.

  • Spend time on it. Write it, Read it, Add some more to it. But, spend more time on it than you think is necessary.
  • Make sure it is in-depth, has pictures, lists, and instructions. The more visual the better. So, add pictures and stats to help hit all parts of their brains.
  • Make it easy to follow. Pretend you are writing an instruction manual. Steps, Bullets, Lists. Break it down for your reader.
  • Show some passion and excitement in the article!
  • Cut the fluff. Make sure you are doing more than just a bunch of poetic sentences in there in an effort to make it longer. Put impactful and valuable information in your article.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing ALL This Extra Work?

So, in essence, I’m asking you to slow down and spend more time on the things you are producing to make sure they are of higher quality. But, here are some of the benefits of creating longer, more rich content.

Google loves it!

Yep, Good content will start to rank you higher not just for keywords but for the fact that people are staying on your pages longer (A.K.A. Dwell Time- it takes more time to read the article🤗 and google sees time onpage a good signal)

According to an article on Quicksprout,The average content length for a web page that ranks in the top 10 results for any keyword on Google has at least 2000 words”

People will love it!!

And, share it because it was so helpful! Think about the last helpful article you ran across. You shared it more than likely. So, the more helpful and well written the article, the more it is likely to be liked.

According to Backlinko,”The Ideal Content-Length For Maximizing Social Shares Is 1,000-2,000 Words”

It improves your credibility.

People will come back to your website for more of the information you put out because it helps them. And, it helped them answer a problem in a way they understood easier than other places they looked for help. So, they feel like they can understand you, so they will come back for more answers.

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Words matter, but Quality matters most! So, make sure you give them to the FULL picture!

How To Create Content Consistently

Look, we all fall into this trap of needing to try to be consistent and make sure we have fresh content up on our websites or social media. Nothing stinks more than an outdated blog or void in your social media pages.

The key to make sure you set time aside to create the information you want to share so it’s not rushed, and you have enough time to produce a quality article or blog post so you can make it worth the readers time, and they can walk away feeling the effort you put into it.

  • Step 1: First, you can start with a plan. Figure out what days of the week you are going to post and what general category the content will cover. You can do this in excel, Word, or a sheet of paper. But, scratch it out.
  • Step 2: Schedule a day or two or three and create a couple of weeks worth of your content all at once. This way you won’t scramble. And, you will be able to spend the time necessary to make sure it’s good.
  • Step 3: Automate the actual posting of the content to your social platforms if you can. So, can be free to work on more content or client work.
  • Step 4: Keep your passion in mind. 🙂

Most Importantly, Keep It Simple To Start!

In Conclusion

Simply, show you care through your efforts. If people see you care about them, they will care about you! ❤️

I hope this helps you with a little perspective knowing that all you have to do is put some passion behind it and it will travel further!

I hope you have a great day! If you have questions about digital marketing, search engine optimization, podcasting, “digital brand creation” please feel free to comment on this post, shoot me an email, give me a call (850)483-1080, or hit my contact form!

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