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12 Great Free Digital Marketing Tools

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If you own a small business or startup you may be looking for ways to keep your marketing costs down. So, here are a few free digital marketing tools you can use to help make sure you can create the assets you need to market your business. From looking for places for great free images to content writing ideas, to get your messages out on social media marketing platforms, this list should have you covered. We have used these and still use some of them as sources for our digital marketing campaigns.

Free Images

We have been there and need a picture for an article or piece of promotional material. Here are 3 websites that we have used that offer free images that can help your blog posts and articles stand out.


Canva by it’s natural use is great for creating cool graphics for your social media posts. But, with that comes the ability to use free images in your graphics and creative for your Facebook, and Instagram posts.


A pretty good free image website. Sometimes you would be able to find the exact image that you need to tell the story of your blog post or article. But, you can generally find something pretty close.


Pexels is a very good website with lots of great images. We have used this from time to time to get the images we need for our articles and content we’ve created in the past. There is a wide variety, but just like any free website, there will be times you don’t find the exact image you need. The search is also somewhat literal. So, if you use a compound or longer tail word it will show an image that has 1 part of your search term in it.

Content Ideas & Editing

Writer’s Block is real, and so is feeling overwhelmed with trying to come up with content ideas. Below is a list of websites that have a free version of software to not only have you sounding like a pro when you write but also make sure you are writing about relevant topics. So, check out all these free content marketing tools!


We all can’t be English majors! Grammarly is a great website that helps with proper spelling and making sure ( as the name indicates) you use proper grammar while you type your articles. There is a paid version, but the free version does a great job!


This is another free grammar website and spelling editor. But, they will also give you writing suggestions and ideas to help your copy be more easily read by your audience.


Need help coming up with content ideas that are important to people? Well, Buzzsumo is great. You put in a search term and buzzsumo returns a list of articles ranked based on the number of engagement or shares they have had on social media platforms. This is an indication if you are writing about popular topics that should help you stay relevant to your audience and increase the likelihood of it getting shared. The free version only gives you 3 articles per search and limits the number of searches you can do.


Another great tool to help you come up with content ideas for your blog, social media posting schedule, or website articles. Ubersuggest’s free version gives you more articles and searches, there is also a paid version that will allow 10 projects.

Social Media Posting Automation

Nothing is a bigger waste of time than going in and plugging your posts into your social media every day. You might forget from time to time. And, the bigger thing is making sure you stay consistent in what you are posting. Both for your followers and the social media platform algorithms. If you don’t post consistently then they can’t get in a grove of getting your posts shown.


A very easy to use social media posting tool. It’s free plan is all a small business needs. Free plan: 3 social accounts, 10 scheduled posts, 1 user.


A more commonly used social media platform, It’s free plan is a little better offering 3 social profiles, 30 Scheduled Messages, 1 user.

Stat Tracking & Website Ranking Performance

Google Analytics

Ok… This is one of the most important tools you can use for your website. Google Analytics gives you vital data on website vists, page views, referring websites, etc. Feel free to read more about key google analytics stats.

Google Search Console

As Google Analytics gives you websites stats, one thing it doesnt give you is terms and ranking your website is found under. Google Search Console is another great free digital marketing tool. It will help you know where you need to do work to improve your search visibility. Feel free to check out more about how google search console works.


In addition to giving you great ideas on what content to create for your website and social media, Ubersguggest also gives you keyword ideas that you should add to your website, gives you competitor data about other company’s websites, among other great digital marketing data. So, this free digital marketing tool is really good!

These are just a few of the great free digital marketing tools out there. Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions about any of these, or if you want to get information on how my digital marketing company can help your next internet marketing, social media or search engine optimization campaign contact me today!

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