There is so much more to online marketing than just running google ads or posting updates to your social media accounts. Now more than ever your Content is KING!

So, knowing how content marketingworks is very important. You have to create unique, well thought out content to stand out online. Read below to see some of the things you need to consider as you put your content marketing strategy in place.

Customer Avatar Development

Content Marketing Step 1: Before you can create content that resonates with your audience, you have to define who they are. Your customers have way more in common than their age, sex, and race. They have even more in common than their marital status, location, and job type.The more you define your typical or target customer, the easier we can target those people with messages that resonate and get them excited about trying your product or service.

Once you have your customer avatars defined you can then continue on with the rest of your online marketing plan.

Sales Funnel Mapping

The only way to make sure you communicate to your desired customers is through fully developing the sales funnel to get them to ultimately become a customer or client.
This all starts by creating messaging, offers, and then drawing out the path to purchase, repurchase, & retention.

SEO & Online Advertising Campaigns

SEO is not dead! So, no matter what you read it is still important. Some things have changed about SEO, but making sure your website is optimized and do ongoing research and reporting to see how your website is performing is key. This is a long-tail process that takes time to develop. We do this as an additional task for all of our online brands.Click here to learn more about the SEO process.

Online Ad Campaigns aren't limited to just Google anymore. You can now create campaigns on facebook, instagram, twitter, YouTube as well as several other websites. You need to know the best options for you to get the best results. Feel free to check out some cool Facebook ad strategies here.
We focus on creating conversions as a pose to only driving traffic. Our Goal with any online campaign is turning traffic into customers and getting them to return often.

Google Analytics Review

Step One- Make sure you have analytics on your website. Step 2- Look At Them.

Reading your website analytics can help you learn more about your potential customer than you could ever imagine. So, dig in and review where what you traffic is doing once they visit your website. This will allow you to properly adjust any website content to maximize the effect. It will also help you better understand the types of content that resonates with them better.

Want help navigating this whole content marketing process? Feel free to contact us any time!